Assign a Trusted User to RADIUS Profiles

You assign a trusted user to a RADIUS profile to designate the predefined collection of checklist and return list attributes that the RADIUS server applies to the trusted user's network requests.

For example, you might create a profile for all users in a different, trusted RSA Authentication Manager realm that specifies a lower Idle-Timeout value. (The Idle-Timeout value specifies the time to wait for user input before the RADIUS clients logs off the user.)


  1. In the Security Console, click RADIUS > RADIUS Profiles > Manage Existing.

  2. Click the profile that you want.

  3. From the context menu, under Associated Trusted Users, click Assign to More.

  4. Use the search fields to find the trusted user whom you want to assign to the profile.

  5. From the list of available trusted users on the Assigned to More Trusted Users page, select the checkbox next to the trusted users that you want to assign to the profile.

  6. Click Assign Profile.