Prevent RSA RADIUS from Using IPv6 Network Settings on RADIUS Server Ports

When you define IPv6 network settings for the appliance, RSA RADIUS uses the new IPv6 network settings and the existing IPv4 network settings to listen for RADIUS clients on ports 1645 and 1812. You can specify whether RSA RADIUS uses the IPv6 network settings. For example, you can remove these settings if you do not have IPv6 RADIUS clients.

Before you begin

You must have Super Admin and Operations Console administrator credentials.


  1. Log on to the Operations Console on the RSA Authentication Manager primary instance.
  2. Click Deployment Configuration > RADIUS Servers.
  3. If prompted, enter the Super Admin User ID and password, and click OK.
  4. Select the RADIUS server that you want to update, and select Manage Server Files from the context menu.
  5. On the Manage Server Files page, click the Configuration Files tab.
  6. Select the default file, and select Edit from the context menu.
  7. Delete all "listen {..}" blocks that include "ipv6addr." For example, remove the following:

    listen {
    type = auth
    ipv6addr = ::
    port = 1812
    max_connections = 16
    lifetime = 0
    idle_timeout = 30

  8. Click Save & Restart RADIUS Server for the changes to take effect.

After you finish

To copy edits to another RADIUS server in the deployment, select the appropriate RADIUS server from the manage RADIUS Servers page on the primary instance, and copy or make the edits.