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Getting Started - Saba guide for Customers/Partners

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Dear Valued RSA Customer/Partner,

This article is your guide to our new and improved learning management system.

Use the links below to navigate the topics.


This system keeps track of the status of all learning and development activities assigned to you or that you select.

The Home page is your starting point. Home includes important access points: Completed Courses -My plan-Browse Catalog-Contact ES Team.

The Navigator displays the Saba options that are available to you. From it you can access ME TAB (To access your plan & completed learning& Order History). If you are a people leader, MYTEAM will list people in your reporting tree.

2022-08-23 17_12_53-RSA Education Learning Portal_ Home.png

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Sign up / create an account: (If you have not received an invitation email)

1- Navigate to the RSA Education Services training portal Via This link 

2- you will be presented with the below page, click on the Sign up button

Sign Up - Pic 1.png

3- Fill out all required fields and click Sign Up.

Note: Please DO NOT DELETE OR EDIT your product Account field otherwise, your account might be rejected.

Sign Up - Pic 2.png

4- You should see the below message once the registration is successful

Sign UP - Pic 3.png

5- You will be notified via email once your account is approved, watch out for a “Welcome to RSA Education Services!”, Click on the Activation link to activate your account and complete your profile.

Welcome to RSA Education Services!.Pic 4.png

6- Enter your NEW PASSWORD and Click on ACTIVATE

Sign UP -Pic 5.png

7- You will be then prompted to a two-factor authentication page, click on the GENERATE SECURITY CODE

SIGN UP-Pic 6.png

8- Check your email for code and input into Security Code field

Sign UP-Pic 7.png


Congratulations !!

you will then be directed to the RSA Education Services training portal.

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Register for an Instructor-Led / Virtual Class / Self-paced Using Training Credits:

1- Navigate to the RSA Education Services training portal Via This link  , Enter your Username and password and click Sign in

2- Under Browse Select Learning Catalog

Pic 1.png

3-  Check the Instructor-Led box/Virtual classroom/self-paced and click Apply, Alternatively, you can also search by the course title in the search bar

PIC 2.png


4- You will be directed to all available ILT /VILT/self-paced, Click View Classes for the desired course

Course View - Png.png


5- Choose the desired class and click Buy Now

Pic 4.png


6- Click on Training unit under Show cost in, on the top right corner and select Proceed to Payment

Pic 5.png


7- After choosing the training Unit option show cost will be changed to USD, which means that you have successfully selected the Training Units /Training credits as a payment method. You Can click Proceed to payment.

Pic 6.png


8- Click Pay by Training Units and Continue

Pic 7.png


9- Click Apply and Close

Pic 8.png


10- Click Continue then click Confirm

Pic 9.png

Pic 10.png



12- Your Order has been placed Successfully 


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Purchase a Course/Subscription using a Credit Card:

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Purchase a Certification Exam using Credit Card:

1- Navigate to the RSA Education Services training portal ViaThis link,Enter your Username and password and click Sign in

2- Under Browse Select Learning Catalog

MicrosoftTeams-image (15).png

3- Choose your product of interest 

MicrosoftTeams-image (14).png


4- Select the subcategory of Certification exam as shown below:



5- You can start by taking our practice test for free and then register to our Certification exam 

For registration, click Register: 


And then hit proceed to payment as shown below: 



Then click pay by credit card and click continue: 





Please accept the terms and conditions and click confirm 



You will now be redirected to the payment system to fill out your card information and proceed with the payment: 




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How to check Subscription and TU remaining amount.

  • Click ME TAB > Subscription > Remaining amount


  • Click ME TAB > Training Unit> Available Training Unit



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How to drop a registered class (Please review the cancellation policy before dropping your class)

You can drop course from the Plan tab or the Order History tab where you will see the list of courses registered.

1- Go to ME > PLAN> click the dropdown arrow > Select drop


Pic 2.png



Pic 3.png

 **Please take note of the cancellation policy highlighted in Yellow** Kindly review carefully before dropping and If you have any questions please Contact RSA Education Services: before dropping to be able to help you.

2- Indicate the reason for dropping and Save and the course will be removed from your Plan


Pic 4.png

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How to drop a purchased subscription

1- Go to Me > Subscriptions, then choose the subscription that you want to be dropped> Click DROP

Pic 1.png


**Please take note of the cancellation policy highlighted in Yellow** Kindly review carefully before dropping and If you have any questions please Contact RSA Education Services: before dropping to be able to help you.

Pic 2.png

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How to print the certificate of completion

Under Completed Learning, you will see the course status as Successful, Action Click PRINT CERTIFICATE or use Export Certificate from the drop-down Menu

Pic 1.png

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which browsers are recommended for virtual or on-Demand classrooms?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • If one of the above does not work, we recommend clearing your browsing history and/or trying the other browser.

What if the class I want to attend is not available?

Please send a request to 

Can I register for training without creating an Education account?

No, you must have a valid Education account in order to access RSA training.

How do I obtain a Purchase Order for Training Credits?

You will need to work with your account manager to obtain a quote. Contact us if you need help finding your account manager.

What is Dedicated training?

The course content, agenda, and timing can be adjusted to your specific needs, or you may choose the standard content for any course. All requests to customize a course delivery must be communicated prior to scheduling delivery dates. The minimum course delivery duration for onsite training is two days.

Classes are priced for up to 10 students. We can allow up to 15 students to participate as long as payment for each additional attendee is provided prior to delivery.

How to request a Dedicated training class for my team?

Contact us to Request a dedicated class; we will work on a customized solution that will meet your business needs.

How do I access my Lab?

Please contact us to have your lab provisioned. Provide the following information: course/lab title, order #, email address, your region (Americas, EMEA, APAC).

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