You can configure Respond as a data source for Context Hub and use the Context Hub service to fetch contextual information from Respond service. If Respond service is already configured, the configuration details are pre-populated while adding Respond as a data source. Use the procedures in this topic to add Respond as a data source for Context Hub service and configure the settings.


Before you configure Respond data source, ensure that:

  • Context Hub service is available in  AdminIcon_25x22.png (Admin) > Services view of NetWitness Platform.
  • Respond service is available.

To add Respond as a data source for Context Hub:

  1. Go to  AdminIcon_25x22.png (Admin) Services.
    The services view is displayed.
  2. Select the Context Hub service and click ic-actns.png> View > Config.
    The Services Config View of Context Hub is displayed.
  3. In the Data Sources tab, click add.png > Respond
    The Add Data Source dialog is displayed.

The required fields to configure the Respond data source are automatically updated.

  1. Click Test Connection to test the connection between Context Hub and the data source.
  2. Click Save.
    Respond is added as a data source for the configured Context Hub. The added Respond data source is displayed in the Data Sources tab.

After adding the data source, you can configure the settings. For more information, see Configure Context Hub Data Source Settings .

Next steps 

After completing the configuration, you can view the contextual data in the Context Summary Panel of the Respond view or Investigate view. For more information, see the RSA NetWitness Respond User Guide and the RSA NetWitness Investigate User Guide.