Note: The information in this topic applies ONLY to RSA NetWitness Platform version 11.2 and earlier.
For version 11.3 and later, see Data Source Configuration Changes.
ESA Analytics is not supported in NetWitness Platform 11.5 and later versions.

The Services Config view > Data Sources tab of an ESA service enables you to configure the sources that ESA uses to analyze data. An ESA service ingests data from Concentrators to detect incidents and alert analysts to potential threats.


This workflow shows the overall process for configuring ESA. It also shows where configuring data sources is located in the process.


In NetWitness Platform 11.2 and earlier, ESA has two services, the Event Stream Analysis service (ESA Correlation Rules) and the Event Stream Analytics Server service (ESA Analytics). The first four procedures shown pertain to configuring the Event Stream Analysis service:

  • Add Data Source to ESA Service*
  • Configure Notifications
  • Download Live Content
  • (Optional) Configure Advanced Settings

The last procedure is separate from the others and pertains to creating mappings for the ESA Analytics services to start automatically detecting advanced threats:

  • (Optional) Create and Deploy ESA Analytics Mappings

What do you want to do?

Role I want to ...Show me how
AdministratorAdd a Concentrator as a data source to the Event Stream Analysis Service *

See "Configure ESA Correlation Rules" and "Step 1. Add a Data Source to an ESA Service" in the ESA Configuration Guide for version 11.2.

AdministratorConfigure Notifications

See "Notification Methods" in the Alerting with ESA Correlation Rules User Guide for version 11.2.

AdministratorDownload Live Content

See "Download Configurable RSA Live Rules" in the Alerting with ESA Correlation Rules User Guide for version 11.2.

AdministratorConfigure Advanced Settings

See "Step 2. Configure Advanced Settings for an ESA Service" in the ESA Configuration Guide for version 11.2.

*You can complete these tasks here (that is in the Services Config view Data Sources tab).

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  • See "Add or Update a Host" in the Host and Services Getting Started Guide.

Quick Look

To access the Data Sources tab, go to Admin > Services > (Select an ESA service) > ic-actns.png > View > Config.

The following figure shows the Services Config view Data Sources tab for an ESA service.



The following table describes the options in the toolbar.

ic-add.png Adds a new data source to the ESA service.
delete.png Deletes a data source from the ESA service.
ic-edit.png Edits a data source. You must have the username and password credentials for the service in order to make changes.
ic-enable.png Enables the selected data source.
ic-disable.png Disables the selected data source.

Data Sources

The Data Sources list shows all of the data sources added to the ESA service. The following table describes the columns the Data Sources list.

NameThe name of the data source service.
AddressThe address of the data source service.
PortThe port used by the data source.
UserThe user connected with the data source.
EnabledIndicates if the data source is enabled.
SSLIndicates if SSL communication is enabled.
CompressionIndicates if compression is enabled.