Enable High Availability Tokencode in the Cloud Authentication Service

High Availability Tokencode helps to ensure that SecurID Authenticate app users are able to authenticate even when SecurID Authentication Manager 8.5 or later cannot reach the Cloud Authentication Service.

After you enable this feature, Authentication Manager downloads SecurID Authenticate app token records from the Cloud Authentication Service.

When an Authenticate app user tries to authenticate but Authentication Manager is unable to contact the Cloud Authentication Service, the user is prompted to enter an Authenticate Tokencode and the tokencode is evaluated by Authentication Manager rather than by the Cloud Authentication Service.

If you disable this feature, Authentication Manager no longer downloads token records.

For more information, see High Availability Tokencodes.

Before you begin

You must be a Super Admin for the Cloud Authentication Service.


  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click Platform > Authentication Manager.

  2. In the High Availability Token field, click Enable.

  3. Click Publish Changes to apply the configured settings.