RSA and Yubico

RSA and Yubico have partnered to offer RSA customers modern FIDO authentication with the Yubikey for RSA SecurID Access. With this joint solution, RSA customers will benefit from enterprise-grade security, risk-based authentication, and simplified credential lifecycle management, while preventing account takeovers, reducing IT costs, and improving the user experience.

Yubikey for RSA SecurID Access provides the following:

  • USB-A connector for use with laptops or desktops or other USB-A devices.

  • FIDO support , enabling secure passwordless authentication on sites and applications that support the protocol.

  • NFC capabilities, expanding the options for quick tap-n-go authentication across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

The following graphics show the front and back of the Yubikey for RSA SecurID Access.

Front Back

To purchase Yubikey for RSA SecurID Access, contact Sales. To start using Yubikey for RSA SecurID Access with RSA SecurID Access, see Getting Started with FIDO-Certified Security Keys with RSA SecurID Access.