Run User Reports

You can run a report listing all users who have been synchronized to identity sources in the Cloud Authentication Service and download the report to a .CSV file. The report contains the following user information:

  • Email address

  • Username

  • Alternate Username

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Identity source name

  • Account creation date

  • Account date last updated

  • Status

  • Device name

  • Device type

  • Device registration date

  • FIDO authenticator

  • FIDO registration date

  • SMS registration date

  • Voice registration date

  • High-Risk User

  • Emergency Tokencode creation date

  • Emergency Tokencode expiration date

  • Emergency Tokencode date last used

  • Emergency Tokencode date locked on

  • Offline Emergency Tokencode date enabled

  • Offline Emergency Tokencode expiration date

  • Authenticate Tokencode locked on

Before you begin

To ensure that the report is up-to-date, make sure your identity sources are synchronized.


  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click Users > Reports.

  2. Click Generate.

  3. Click Refresh Status to check if the report has completed.

    Note: The report might take several minutes to complete, depending on the number of users. You can navigate to other pages and continue working while waiting.

  4. After the report has completed, click Download CSV to download the report.