Add a Trusted User Group

A trusted user group restricts access to an agent that is enabled for trusted realm authentication. When you create a trusted user group and enable associated agents, only members of the trusted user group can access that authentication agent.

By adding a trusted user group, only users who have a business need to access the resources protected by the agent are allowed to authenticate. For example, by creating a trusted user group for human resource workers, you can limit access to personnel records to those in the group.

Before you begin


  1. In the Security Console, click Administration > Trusted Realms > Trusted User Groups > Add New.

  2. In the Trusted User Group Name field, enter a unique name for the trusted user group.

    The trusted user group name must not exceed 255 characters.

  3. From the Security Domain drop-down menu, select the security domain select the security domain where the policies for this trusted user group are managed.

    Only administrators whose administrative scope includes the security domain you select can manage the trusted user group.

  4. Click Save.