RSA RADIUS Server File Customization

Each RSA RADIUS server has a set of configuration, initialization, and dictionary files for customizing the server within its working environment. For many situations, the default files provide sufficient functions without any modification. However, you may need to modify these files if any of the following situations apply to your deployment:

  • You are configuring a RADIUS client that has special attribute names that need to be included in RADIUS profiles. Dictionary files provided with the RADIUS client must be added to each RADIUS server that will handle requests from that client.

  • You are changing the default RADIUS authentication ports 1645, UDP, and 1812, UDP, and the firewall rules for those ports.

Use the Operations Console to view the RADIUS server files (the configuration, initialization and dictionary files) and open the files for editing. Edits apply only to the RADIUS server on which you make the changes.

Note: Be cautious when editing the configuration files. The changes that you make are not validated, and the existing file is overwritten with the new content. For a detailed explanation of the syntax used in the configuration files, see the RSA Authentication Manager RADIUS Reference Guide.