Testing Your Risk-Based Authentication Integration

Test your risk-based authentication (RBA) integration to verify that Authentication Manager can authenticate users for the agent. If the test is unsuccessful, troubleshoot the setup, and repeat the test until it succeeds.

The Authentication Activity Monitor logging detail can be used for troubleshooting if the test is unsuccessful.


  1. Create a test user in the Security Console by adding a new user to the internal database and the default security domain (SystemDomain).

    For instructions, see Add a User to the Internal Database.

  2. Verify that the RBA policy associated with the default security domain (SystemDomain) has the following configuration and edit the policy if necessary:

    • Automatic enablement is allowed.

    • Silent collection is allowed.

    For instructions on editing an RBA policy, see Edit a Risk-Based Authentication Policy.

  3. Start the Authentication Activity Monitor in the Security Console.

    Click Start Monitor to view real-time authentication activity.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Go to another computer on the same network, start the browser, and go to the logon page for your web-based application.

    • Start a different browser application on the same machine if you have more than one installed. For example, if you used Firefox to access the Security Console, you may use Internet Explorer to access the logon page for your web-based application.

    The logon page for your web-based application automatically redirects you to the Authentication Manager logon page. If you are not redirected to this page, troubleshoot the test. For more information, see Troubleshooting the Authentication Test.

  5. Enter the logon credentials for the test user.

  6. Verify that your browser loads the correct landing page for the network resource that you are trying to access.

  7. Review authentication logging in the Authentication Activity Monitor. If the test succeeded, familiarize yourself with entries that are logged for successful authentication. If the test is unsuccessful, review the entries and review Troubleshooting the Authentication Test.