Deploying the SecurID Authenticate App in EMM Environment

You can simplify registration with the SecurID Authenticate app with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) technology that supports the AppConfig Community standards, such as VMWare AirWatch. With this solution, you help reduce the costs of registration in your company by automatically downloading the SecurID Authenticate app to users' devices.

Users can select the Scan QR Code option during registration. However, if they are unable to use this option (for example, the camera is disabled on the device), then you can optionally configure values for the Company ID and Email Address fields on the Enter Details screen in the app. If you configure values for these fields, when users open the app, they are taken to the My Accounts screen. Users tap Complete Registration next to the company and must enter a value in the Registration Code field, either a numeric registration code available in RSA My Page or the identity source password. The Company ID and Email Address fields are automatically filled in based on the values you provided.

The Authenticate app supports EMM technology for registration for multiple companies.

The following graphic describes the process for deploying the SecurID Authenticate app in an EMM environment:


Add the Authenticate App in EMM Server


  1. Set up an account in the EMM server. For example, in AirWatch, complete EMM Registration.
  2. Follow the EMM server instructions to set up the environment for your platform (iOS or Android). For example, on iOS, you might need to generate an APNs Certificate for MDM in the EMM server.

    On Android, know that the app uses Android for Work.

  3. Add users and their devices in the EMM server.
  4. If necessary, instruct your end-users to enroll their devices with the technology to become managed endpoints. For user-provided devices with a work profile, instruct users to set up a mail app and fingerprints through the work profile for use with the Authenticate app.

  5. Add the SecurID Authenticate app in the third-party technology. The following steps use AirWatch:

    1. In the AirWatch Console, select Apps & Books.
    2. Under List View, select Public.
    3. Click Add to add an application.
    4. Specify the platform, for example, iOS or Android.
    5. Browse to the app in the App Store or Google Play for Work.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Enter a name and click Save & Assign.
    8. On the Assignments tab, select the group of users, the delivery options, and the deployment information.
    9. Click Save & Publish.

Configure SecurID Authenticate App in EMM Environment

Before you begin

If you are configuring the Authenticate for iOS app, download the XML file from SecurID Authenticate for iOS AppConfig XML File.


Configure the application to specify the Company ID and Email Address values. The following steps use VMware AirWatch.

  1. In the AirWatch Console, click Apps & Books.
  2. Under List View, click Public.
  3. Click SecurID Authenticate.
  4. Click Add Assignment > Edit.
  5. Under Policies, enable Application Configuration.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • iOS: Click Upload XML.

    • Android:

      • In the Company ID Value field, enter the company ID that appears in the Cloud Administration Console in My Account > Company Settings > Company Information.
      • In the Email Address Value field, enter {Email Address}.

    To support adding up to 10 accounts, 10 account fields are provided. You cannot leave any fields blank, so use the x icon to delete the fields that you do not want. If you delete fields and want to add them back in, re-add the XML file (iOS) or disable and then re-enable Application Configuration (Android). The fields appear again.

  7. Click > Add > Save & Publish > Publish.

After you finish

Distribute the app to your users.