HTTP Federation Proxy Planning Worksheet

Use this worksheet to record the information you need to configure a connection to an application using HTTP Federation (HFED) Proxy.

Information Example Your Application
Application basics:
Application name Appname Financials
Application sign-in URL
Application home page URL
Failure indicators:
Failure indicator - visible text Begins with[Invalid credentials]
Failure indicator - URL Contains[Failed]
Failure indicator - HTTP Status Matches [401 Unautorized]
Portal hostname and domain name:
Portal hostname, or identity router virtual IP (VIP)
Portal protected domain name (PDN)
Web servers:

Each real application hostname must have a corresponding proxy hostname that is a protected application hostname. Proxy hostnames must be entered as Domain Name System (DNS) canonical names (CNAMEs) to the identity router hostname/virtual IP address.

Real hostname1
Proxy hostname1
Real hostname2
Proxy hostname2
Real hostname3
Proxy hostname3
Real hostname4
Proxy hostname4
Portal URL:
Application landing URL (The proxy hostname replaces the real application hostname)