Manage the Application Catalog

The Application Catalog in the Cloud Administration Console is a list of connection templates that SecurID provides for single sign-on (SSO) access to popular web applications such as ADP, Salesforce, and Dropbox, in an IDR SSO Agent deployment. These out-of-the-box templates are available to all customers and require minimal configuration to add them to My Applications. After you add an application to My Applications, authenticated users can access that application through the application portal using SSO. You can also configure a custom connection for an application that is not in the Application Catalog. SecurID periodically updates the Application Catalog with new application templates.

You must be a Super Admin for the Cloud Administration Console to manage the Application Catalog.

Action Description
Display the Application Catalog. Click Applications > Application Catalog.
Search for an application. In the Search box, located at the top of the left column, type the name of the application.
Display applications by type. In the left column, select a Connection Method: All, Proxy, or Direct.
Add an application from the Application Catalog to My Applications. Next to the application you want to add, click Add.
Configure a custom connection to an application to add to My Applications. Click Create From Template. For instructions on adding each type of connection, see the following topics:

To decide what type of connection to add, see Choosing a Connection Method to Add an IDR SSO Agent Application.

Configure a bookmark to an application, or any web page, to add to My Applications. Click Create From Template. Select Bookmark. For instructions, see Add a Bookmark Link in the Application Portal.