Sample Rollout Email for SecurID Users

This sample email contains important information your users need to know when you roll out SecurID. If any information provided here does not apply to your company, do not include it in your email. For example, if you require FIDO authenticator users to register using My Page, provide instructions for using My Page.

Subject: Rollout of SecurID

Dear employee,

To simplify and secure your access to business applications, we are rolling out SecurID. You will now access your business applications through the SecurID Application Portal. You might also need to provide authentication in the browser or the SecurID Authenticator app or with a FIDO authenticator.

First, confirm that your browser and device meet the system requirements listed here (<your internal web page link>), and then follow the information below.

SecurID Application Portal Sign-In Credentials

URL <Your Organization's Portal URL>
User ID Your user ID (username or e-mail address, depending on your configuration)
Password Your network password

When you open the application portal, SecurID might request permission to collect your location for verification purposes. If you do not grant permission, you might be denied access to certain applications, or you might be asked to use a different authentication method. If you deny permission to share location, location is not collected at that time or for subsequent portal access attempts. If you decide to allow collection at a later time, you need to modify your browser settings. See your administrator for instructions on configuring your browser.

SecurID App

To use the SecurID app, you must use RSA My Page to register the device with the app. You can install the app on only one device. Perform these steps.

  1. On a device (iOS or Android), go to <Your Organization's My Page URL>.

  2. Follow the instructions.

    You will enter the following credentials:

    Email Address Your company e-mail address
    SecurID Passcode You will be prompted for your SecurID Passcode.

FIDO Authenticator

To use a FIDO authenticator, you must register it in My Page. You can register only one FIDO authenticator.

Before you begin

Confirm that you have set up the PIN for your FIDO authenticator.


  1. On a device (for example, a computer), go to <Your Organization's My Page URL>.
  2. Follow the instructions.

Emergency Access

If you do not have the authenticator you need to authenticate, select a different option in your browser or VPN client. You might be able to receive a text message to another phone using SMS Tokencode or a voice message using Voice Tokencode. If neither of these methods are available, contact your administrator for further instructions. You might use the Emergency Tokencode.

If you have any questions, please contact us at <your organization's e-mail address or phone number>.


IT Department