SecurID Editions

RSA offers three SecurID editions: Base, Enterprise, Premium. SecurID editions are still supported.

The high-level details are described as follows:

Base Enterprise Premium
What do you want to protect?
VPN, On-prem apps, SaaS, Cloud, SSO x x x
Conditional Access Policies (IP address) x x x
Conditional Access Policies (country, trusted location, network, etc.) x x
Risk-Based Conditional Access Policies (identity confidence, threat aware) x
What authentication methods do your users need or want?
SecurID Authenticate App (OTP, push, biometrics) x x x
SecurID Tokens (hardware & software) x x x
On-Demand Authentication • Email and Text Message (SMS) • Text Message (SMS) and Voice x x x
FIDO Keys (FIDO2 & U2F) x x
How do you want to deploy and pay for it?
On-Prem/Cloud x x x
Enterprise Scalability (multiple replicas, AMBA) x x