SecurID App Permissions

This document describes the permissions needed to use the SecurID 4.x app.

Permission Purpose Optional or Required?
Camera Allows QR code scan during token import. Optional. If permission is denied, the user must import software tokens using CT-KIP or an SDTID file.
Receive data from Internet Allows internet access. Required.
Have full network access

View network connections
Allows the app to determine if internet access is available. Required.
Disable keyguard Allows the app to approve or deny notification from the notification bar. Enabled by default. Required.

Use biometric

Allows user to use the biometric authentication method configured in the device. Permission is always enabled, but if a biometric method is not configured, the user can enter the device PIN.

Read database

Allows the app to read a database. Enabled by default. Required.
Receive boot completed Reinitializes internal components after the phone is restarted. Enabled by default. Required.