SecurID App Logging

Use the SecurID logs to troubleshoot user issues with the SecurID app.

These logs include app and user events associated with registration and additional authentication. Log messages are generated automatically. Some events in the app logs are also captured in the Event Monitor.

An event message has the following components.

Component Purpose
Date and Time The date and time in UTC when the event occurred.
Level Indicates if the event is informative or an error. In general, ERROR events are most helpful for troubleshooting.
Description Describes the specific event. For example, Device registration succeeded.

Users can email the log files from the More screen. When users tap Email Logs, the log files are automatically attached to an email from the user's default email app (iOS) or an email app that the user selects (Android).

The SecurID app stores information about successful and unsuccessful token imports in a log. The log messages are duplicates of the messages users receive when a token import succeeds or fails. The log stores up to 500 lines. After the maximum is reached, the oldest log messages are deleted.

If necessary, you can also email the logs to SecurID Customer Support for troubleshooting assistance.