Support and Service

You can access the RSA community and support information at This contains a knowledgebase that answers common questions and provides solutions to known problems, product documentation, community discussions, and case management.

Support for Authentication Manager

Before you call Customer Support for help with the Authentication Manager, have the following information available:

  • Access to the Authentication Manager.
  • Your license serial number. To find this number, do one of the following:
    • Look at the order confirmation e-mail that you received when you ordered the product. This e-mail contains the license serial number.
    • Log on to the Security Console, and click License Status. Click View Installed License.
  • The Authentication Manager version. This information is located in the top, right corner of the Quick Setup, or you can log on to the Security Console and click Software Version Information.

Support for RSA® Cloud Authentication Service and Identity Routers

If your company has deployed identity routers and uses the RSA Cloud Authentication Service, RSA provides you with a unique identifier called the Customer Support ID. This is required when you register with RSA Customer Support. To see your Customer Support ID, sign in to the Cloud Administration Console and click My Account > Company Settings.