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Deploy RSA Authentication Manager in the Cloud and Lower TCO

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With the availability of RSA Authentication Manager (AM) v8.3, you now have the option to transition your RSA SecurID® Access deployment to the cloud and take advantage of the business agility, and economies of scale that Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing offers. Create a hybrid or full Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution that best meet your business needs.

Create Hybrid or Full AWS Virtual Private Cloud solutions

In a Hybrid VPC model, the AM Primary instance and a Replica instance (for disaster recovery) are typically maintained in on-premise data centers for administration. Replica instances can be deployed in selected AWS regions to ensure 7x24 authentication services availability. In a full VPC deployment, all components: AM Primary, AM Replicas, Web Tiers, as well as devices protected with RSA SecurID Agents or RADIUS Clients can be moved to the cloud.

A major strength of RSA SecurID Access is the RSA Ready Partner Program where hundreds of products (VPNs, Load Balancers, Web Servers, Applications, etc.) have out-of-the-box interoperability with RSA SecurID Access. This will result in a smoother transition to the cloud. RSA strongly recommends that RSA Best Practices be maintained such as configuring Security Groups for secure connections to RSA SecurID Standard Agents or RADIUS Clients.

How to Obtain the AWS AMI

RSA has made it easy to obtain the RSA Authentication Manager AWS Machine Image (AMI). Existing RSA SecurID Access customers can simply contact RSA Customer Support. An RSA Customer Relations Desk representative will validate your RSA Support agreement and obtain your AWS Account Number (AWS Commercial or GovCloud) on your behalf. You will receive an email confirmation from RSA SaaS Operations indicating that the RSA Authentication Manager AMI located in the RSA Private AWS Community has been shared with your AWS account number. New customers can simply order the AMI at no charge. Contact your RSA account representative for more information.    

Configuring the AWS AMI

Configuring the AMI is easy. Simply login to your AWS Account EC2 console; choose AMI Private Image; search for the RSA Authentication Manager v8.3 AMI ID provided in the email notification and follow the instructions to Choose & Configure Instance Type, Add Storage, Add Tags, Review, and Launch the AMI. Be sure to keep all necessary information provided, including the RSA AM Quick Setup URL and the Quick Setup Access Code. Go to your browser, enter the URL and access code, and you’re ready to configure an AM primary or replica instance.


More than Just an AMI

RSA Authentication Manager v8.3 also includes a number of new features that make it easier to manage your RSA SecurID Access solution - improved agent visibility & reporting, efficient auto-assignment of tokens by expiration date and added search by token serial number capabilities in the User Dashboard.  

RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Appliance Getting Started