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Does a free MFA solution help untangle or burden the complex regulatory, security and privacy requirements?

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Organizations have been subjected to more regulations (eg. New PCI standards, CCPA etc.) than before and this creates additional burden for IAM teams to keep up with such regulatory requirements. An authentication platform should be able to help meet such regulations while helping meet security and privacy requirements. As an IAM practitioner one needs to consider the following guide paths when considering a free Microsoft Azure AD MFA or RSA SecurID Access or any authentication solution.


  • Regulatory requirements - A single platform that helps address organizations myriad regulatory MFA compliance requirements

Some regulations mandate strongest form of authenticators as per the NIST assurance levels (eg. AAL 2 and 3) for your workforce. An example is EPCS where strong proofing, 2FA and access logging are required for prescribing electronic prescriptions. RSA SecurID Access can enable such organizations with in-person proofing and secure distribution of 2FA tokens out of band. For organizations subjected to DFAR,  RSA SecurID Access can provide FIPS compliant solution to meet 2FA requirements. The PCI-DSS 2.0 regulations call for knowledge of success or failure of a factor is not provided to individuals until all factors have been submitted. RSA SecurID Access can support such requirements through multi-factor and multi-step process for network login into secure cardholder environment.


  • Unified visibility across cloud and on-premise (hybrid) infrastructure to help meet auditing needs

Auditors need visibility into which users had access to applications and systems on both cloud and on-premise infrastructure.  Specifically, they need data on users, applications accessed, level of authentication used to gain access to those systems. RSA SecurID Access enables such visibility into an organization’s access infrastructure through out of the box reporting and the ability to export such events to external systems for further reporting or analysis. With a hybrid IT model (on-premise and cloud applications), IAM teams will benefit from a platform that provides comprehensive view of all user access events across multiple applications types and user population.


  • Security teams – Reduce identity specific attacks with a powerful policy engine

Security policies need to support different assurance levels based on sensitivity of applications and user level risk. IAM teams need to manage policies centrally that helps in achieving such assurance levels through right level of authentication assurance.  RSA SecurID Access provides different assurance levels so that the right level of access controls are implemented. Organizations can use the behavioral analytics risk engine to determine user level risk against peer population based on application, device or location anomaly that can be used on day one.  

With a combination of powerful assurance level driven policy engine and behavioral risk capabilities security teams can be rest assured to mitigate identity threats and support their broader security goals.


  • Privacy requirements - A solution needs to understand and help with an organization’s privacy stature

Users have privacy concerns around security teams  installing apps on their mobile devices.  Some security policies mandate that no phones are allowed inside call-centers or data centers. An authentication solution should be flexible to accommodate such requirements. RSA SecurID Access can help  meet such requirements through a hardware OTP tokens or FIDO keys.  

Some organizations are subject to strict data residency requirements (eg. Europe) due to the countries that they operate in. RSA SecurID Access has data centers in local regions where data never leaves the respective regions borders to support data protection and privacy requirements.  


Evaluate whether a free MFA solution from Microsoft will help breeze through such regulations, security and privacy requirements. RSA SecurID Access can help untangle complexity and reduce burden for IAM teams by helping meet such regulatory requirements.