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Getting Started with RSA Authentication Manager 8.1

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This short video provides a brief overview for customers who have already purchased RSA Authentication Manager 8.1.  It reviews the following:


1.  Get the appliance, tokens and license

2.  Install in production environment

  • Deploy primary
  • Deploy replica
  • Configure virtual host and load balancer (optional)
  • Install web tiers, if applicable
  • Deploy agents

3.  Configure RSA Self-Service Console and educate users.

4.  Complete the next steps:

  • Add users,
  • Assign policies,
  • Import and assign tokens,
  • Set up risk based authentication (RBA)
  • Set up on-demand authentication (ODA).

Note:  Please always deploy Authentication Manager in a lab environment and test thoroughly before moving to your production environment.

SecurCare Online (SCOL) has been deprecated.  Please use RSA Link for documentation, downloads, community and more.