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In the era of Hybrid Work – SecurID macOS Authenticator is here!

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In today’s world, identity has become a new security parameter. Digital transformation has changed the way we work and implementing a zero-trust strategy is crucial to heighten security. Businesses are moving swiftly to migrate their on-premise and legacy infrastructure to the cloud. This shift has been accelerated in recent years to ensure remote workers can access to resources from anywhere at any time. Simultaneously, businesses must exercise caution and find simple yet sustainable ways to secure access to their hybrid environment. Increasing sign-in security with MFA is first step in this process, given the uptick in the cyberattacks due compromised credentials. This strengthened security posture presents an influx of questions: How can we balance secure access and continuous productivity for users? Can we adapt the MFA experience based on application sensitivity? What is the best way to facilitate a simple digital experience for end users without increasing IT overhead?

SecurID’s constant innovation will help you balance security and simplicity to answer these questions and devise a strategy that fits your organization seamlessly.

At SecurID, our portfolio of authenticators has been crafted to give users the flexibility they desire while your organization safely accelerates its journey to the cloud. SecurID Authenticator 5.0 is a new app that extends iOS experience for macOS users to support both the classic SecurID Software Token experience and cloud-based multifactor authentication. Whether your infrastructure is on-premise, cloud or hybrid, this unified app has the versatility to fit any deployment method.


SecurID Authenticator 5.0 Highlights:

Flexible Deployment, Flexible Experience

SecurID supports your organization on your cloud journey - whether your business systems are completely on-prem or you are rapidly sprinting to adopt cloud, SecurID is flexible. The SecurID Authenticator 5.0 supports cloud-based MFA, allowing macOS users to choose from an array of authentication options. Device biometrics, push-to-approve and Authenticate OTP are now available in addition to the Authentication Manager managed software tokens. 

Simplified Management

Hybrid work has changed end-user expectations. There are high demands for seamless access and minimal friction to increase productivity. IT admin are tasked meeting the diverse expectations of their workforce, and managing multiple authenticators creates unwanted complexity. Delivering a consistent and seamless authentication experience to users and devices outside the network’s perimeter is a top priority, and no small feat. The SecurID Authenticator 5.0 for macOS offers flexible authentication methods under one unified app, thereby streamlining management of authenticators and allowing IT admin to gain a sense of control as their visibility increases.

Consistent Support

SecurID is committed to being future ready and forward-thinking. While our innovation supports the new ARM-based Macs by default, we are committed to supporting the devices that our customers rely on. Extending support to both Intel and M1-based Macs with the most widely used OS versions enables users to take advantage of the latest and greatest without limitation.

Note: Software Token Users

Existing software token users can easily move to the SecurID Authenticator 5.0 by simply re-importing the token records. Administrators can use the Authentication Manager self-service console to re-provision to the new app. Migration of software tokens from the RSA Software Token 4.2.3 desktop is not currently supported. Stay tuned for updates in future releases!

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