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Myth 1: Dispelling The Myths around Software Tokens

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Software authenticators are dumb apps without security built in.  Myth shattered! 


This is no dumb app.  It has a number of applications to keep confidential information safe.  What are they?


Well, for starters, how about copy protection and encryption to keep the bad guy from getting his mitts on your information?  In fact, our software tokens use the same whizz-bang technology as our hardware tokens so there's no need for carting around separate hardware devices.  Just a simple straight forward symmetric key stored safe and sound on your system.  So less devices, more safety and security. 


Smart little techniques are used when the device is deployed.  The administrator puts user device attributes in so that only that device can install them.  It will not function if copied.  In a nutshell, you can now cost effectively manage secure access by streamlining the distribution and management of two factor authentication for a global workforce.


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