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Are you a visual learner? I am too! This video showcases mobile fingerprint biometric authentication. 


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"Static passwords are adorable, but sophisticated attackers don’t just bypass them, they utilize them to advance their attack." Verzion Data Breach 2016 Report



What is mobile fingerprint biometric authentication?

Fingerprint recognition refers to the automated method of identifying or confirming the identity of an individual based on the comparison of two fingerprints. Fingerprint recognition is one of the most well-known bio-metrics, and it is by far the most used bio-metric solution for authentication on computerized systems.


Why use mobile fingerprint biometric authentication with your Fortigate?

If you are granting remote workers to your internal environment via a FortiGate, it is critical to ensure your employee's identity. It is essential to have a Multi-factor Authentication solution that provides you convenience without compromising security. Implementing mobile fingerprint biometric authentication provides strong second-factor authentication that is needed in today's business environments.


Why RSA SecurID Access?

Whether you need two-factor authentication (2FA), multi-factor authentication (MFA) or mobile MFA, RSA offers a wide range of authentication methods including push notifications, SMS, OTP, biometrics, and hardware, software and FIDO tokens. And whether you want to deploy on-premises or go with a SaaS option, RSA SecurID Access has you covered.


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