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Protection and Peace of Mind During a Time of Business Disruption

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Regardless of where you live or which generation you belong to, there’s no denying the fact that the way in which we all work and interact has become more automated, more digital and more mobile, and digital transformation is only hastening this trend. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all work spaces.

Part of business’ digital transformation initiatives is to empower their dynamic workforce to work remotely from anywhere.  Not only this allows flexibility to the workforce but also increases productivity for the business.  Additionally, empowering the dynamic workforce to work remotely, allows the business to mitigate any challenges that would come in the way for the workforce to physically come into a facility


Given a number of circumstances, employees are expressing increased interest in working from home. Organizations must therefore find a way to securely extend the convenience of working remotely.


For over three decades, RSA SecurID® Access has been doing just that.  RSA SecurID Access, enables businesses to empower employees, part-time workers, partners and contractors to work remotely without compromising security or convenience. Embracing the security challenges of today, bring your own device, and mobile, RSA SecurID Access ensures that users have timely access to the applications they need—from any device, anywhere and ensures that users are who they say they are, with a modern, convenient user experience. 


The Business Continuity option (BCO) with RSA SecurID Access allows businesses to continue to move forward and operate in challenging times.  Business Continuity option provides a flexible method to expand the number of users in an organization without expanding their multi-factor authentication budget.  It offers peace of mind to businesses who are looking to temporarily increase their usage of RSA SecurID Access to accommodate the rapid increase of users working remotely.   There is no physical shipping of licenses or authenticators.  Authentication services including one-time-password (OTP) and short message service (SMS) come standard with the business continuity option.  With BCO, businesses can be assured that their employees are able to work remote and do so securely. 


RSA is in the business of offering peace of mind with its security solutions to help businesses move forward.  As we know it, life happens, and RSA is here to support our customers through it. 


To learn more about the Business Continuity option with RSA SecurID Access, review the attached datasheet and contact RSA at 800-995-5095 or by contacting RSA Customer Support.