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RSA Authentication Manager video training series: Super Administrator Password Reset

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For part two of our multi-part training video series Jay Guillette‌ returns to present the sequel to his video guide on how to install patches on an RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 server via web browser

Our new topic is . . . Super Administrator Password Reset (see article 000017467 - Unable to login to RSA Authentication Manager Security Console as super admin for the text base version).

We've all had that experience when you try to login to the Security Console with the password you know worked earlier in the day and it. is.just. not. working.  You try again and again.  You try your Gmail login password or your bank PIN, your network login password, your mom's maiden name, the name of your favorite pet . . . anything you think it might be but still your login fails.

Fear not, intrepid SecurID admin!  We can help!  Jay's video is a great overview of how to access the Security Console by creating a temporary user who can gain access to the Security Console.  Once in, your temp admin can reset your super admin user's password.  Easy peazy lemon squeezy!

Watch  Video Link : 33068  the video and let us know what you think!