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RSA SecurID Access Cloud Monthly Update Podcast: August Edition

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Hello and Welcome to Minutes with Murtaza! 

Written by Murtaza Hafizji

Produced by Sylvester Gittens


Spend a few Minutes with Murtaza and get up to speed on all the happenings with RSA SecurID® Access. 


The latest and greatest on RSA SecurID Access –


Product update: 

  1. NEW! RSA SecurID Access Releases – The user experience just gets better and better, the time to value shorter and the global coverage broader as RSA keeps adding capabilities to further

enhance RSA SecurID Access. See what we’re doing to make it more convenient for end users and administrators, intelligent to provide powerful authentication and analysis and pervasive,

supporting access across a variety of traditional and cloud use cases. This release for RSA SecurID Access contains updates for both the Cloud Authentication Service (CAS) and the Identity Router (IDR)


Key features:



  1. NEW! Simplify and provide a better user experience to end-users using multifactor authentication (MFA) for RADIUS-based applications (e.g., a VPN) by:
    1. Eliminating double password prompts -  If the RADIUS client (e.g., a VPN) is configured to perform primary (password) authentication, RSA SecurID Access

no longer requires the user to enter their password a second (redundant) time

    1. Eliminating extra steps for push-based MFA - When configured, the extra step of selecting an authentication method at each login is no longer required.


  1. NEW! Shorten time to value by protecting new applications faster using pre-configured policies and RSA best practices. 
    Administrators can now quickly configure application protection by selecting from the pre-configured MFA policies out of the box. 


  1. NEW! Enhance auditing of administrator & end user access and status to manage risk, support compliance audits and monitor license usage

Exportable user reports now include the status (enabled/ disabled/pending deletion) of user accounts in the Cloud Authentication Service.




  1.    NEW! Making local hosting a reality in ANZ with the new RSA SecurID Access regional data center in Canberra, Australia.

RSA data centers span the globe to meet local hosting requirements and provide lower latency authentication services in AMERICAS, EMEA and now ANZ.


Existing RSA SecurID Access customers have received an RSA Link notification letting them know about these new versions and offerings.


MyQuotes updates


  1. The ANZ hosting option is now available in MyQuotes.  The SKU for the ANZ hosting is


The SKU for the ANZ hosting is



SID Access hosted in ANZ



Available Sales Collateral/Tools


NEW! Introducing RSA SecurID Access Release Podcasts.  Listen to the attached and get up to speed in 3 mins. 


NEW! Details on the releases in the following blogs on RSA LINK


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