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What's new in RSA SecurID Access: May 2020 Release

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The RSA SecurID Access team is excited to provide the following updates as part of the May, 2020 release.  


Emergency Access now available for FIDO protected resources 

Emergency access greatly enhances productivity by unblocking access to business critical resources when a user may have lost, misplaced or forgot their authentication device.  Emergency access codes may be used for a fixed period of time as determined by the issuing help desk administrator.

Many organizations are providing passwordless experience to their users to access SaaS/Web applications using FIDO2 as a primary authentication method.  In the May release, users who are using FIDO2 when configured for primary authentication, lose or misplace their security key, can obtain an Emergency Access Code (EAC) as authenticator to gain access to their critical resources protected by FIDO with no loss in productivity.  And they can logon to the RSA My Page Self Service Portal with their EAC to begin the process begin the process of enrolling to obtain a replacement FIDO Security Key.


Improved Security for Administrators Who Require Resetting Their Password

The password reset process for all administrators has been made more secure.  For existing administrators, to securely reset any Cloud Administration Console password, the password reset must be completed within two hours of requesting the password reset link. 


See the May Release Notes which provides complete details on these new capabilities and other miscellaneous updates coming out in the May 2020 release.