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000036442 - RSA Authentication Manager 8.x database backup fails : article explanations required

Hi Folks !


Running through backup issues, I found this article : 000036442 - RSA Authentication Manager 8.x database backup fails


At the end of the article, the following is mentioned :

  • Promote an Authentication Manager replica to primary, under Maintenance. Refer to the RSA Authentication Manager Administrator Guide for your version for instructions on how to promote a replica to primary.
  • Redeploy the Authentication Manager from the latest backup or VM snapshot.

Now, I don't understand precisely what the article is leading to...

At the end, I have a Replica promoted to a Primary, and the old Primary as a Replica (in best case).


So my question is : As it is ABSOLUTELY UNCLEAR in the article, which VM/instance am I supposed to redeploy ? and what for ?!


Thanks for helping !


Kind Regards,


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