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4 Reasons to Upgrade your RSA SecurID Access Authentication Manager to 8 3

If you are unsure if you should upgrade to Authentication Manager 8.3, watch my Youtube that explains the benefits of upgrading. 4 Reasons to Upgrade your RSA SecurID Access Authentication Manager to 8 3 - YouTube 


RSA Authentication Manager is a multi-factor authentication solution that verifies authentication requests and centrally administers authentication policies for enterprise networks. Use Authentication Manager to manage security tokens, users, multiple applications, agents, and resources across physical sites and in the Cloud, and to help secure access to the network, Cloud, and web-accessible applications, such as SSL-VPNs and web portals.


How Authentication Manager Protects Your Resources Passwords are a weak form of authentication because access is protected only by a single factor — a secret word or phrase selected by the user. If this password is discovered by the wrong person, the security of the entire system is compromised.


Multifactor authentication provides stronger protection by requiring two or more unique factors to verify a user’s identity. Authentication factors in a multifactor system may include:


Something the user knows (a password, passphrase, or PIN)
Something the user has (a hardware token, laptop computer, or mobile phone)

Something the user does (specific actions or a pattern of behavior)

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