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6 Keys for Successful Identity Assurance

Now that so many applications have moved to the cloud, and so many users have embraced mobility, organizations continue to work toward being able to fully embrace the opportunities this new world presents—and also manage the risk that comes with such unprecedented openness. Today’s organizations need to shift their thinking away from authentication as being a static one-time event, to one where they can continuously assess users, based on the context that surrounds them and the associated risks of granting access to a particular application or data set.


By applying a risk-based approach to identity assurance, organizations can go beyond a simple yes/no decision or step-up authentication process and add intelligence that provides broader context about the user and the situation in which they are requesting access.


Identity assurance helps to quantify:

  1. How confident am I a user is who they claim to be?
  2. How sure do I need to be based on the information they are accessing?


There are six key elements to consider when creating an effective identity assurance strategy:

  1. Business context
  2. Anomaly detection
  3. Machine learning
  4. Broader ecosystem
  5. Consistent experience
  6. Flexible authentication


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