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8.2 Upgrade?

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Did this upgrade get pulled? I don't see it listed in the downloads; only an MMC snap-in tool.

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Hi Luka,


Agreed, sometimes it's not best to be first in line. The issue with the 8.2 would only affect certain customers and only during install. For those customers that were able to upgrade to 8.2 already they are fine. More updated will come via the SCOL notifications.


I still cannot find the AM 8.2 download anywhere on this new website. I can see the 8.2 P1 download, but this is no use without the 8.2 upgrade first obviously! Has anyone else been able to find it? I think the comment about looking under 'Version Upgrades' related to the old website as I cannot see that tab, heading or link anywhere.


OK, finally located it but, geez, you guys don't make it easy to find, almost as if you don't want us to upgrade to 8.2! Here's what I had to do to find it:-

From the RSA Link Home page, select 'Products' dropdown list then 'RSA SecurID Suite'

Select 'Authentication Manager 8.2' underneath 'Product Versions' ('Servers' subheading) over on the right hand side

Then select 'Downloads' under 'Product Resources' over on the right hand side again

Click the 'Additional Downloads' big red button

This brought up a page showing a list of My Registered Products. On the line with the 'RSA SID Access Virtual Appliance' asset, there is a link under the 'Version Upgrade' column that just says 'Upgrade' (very small, barely even noticeable!) click this link

On the 'Version Upgrade' page click 'Download Software'

Click the 'RSA Authentication Manager Virtual Appliance Version Upgrade' link

Click the 'RSA Authentication Manager Virtual Appliance Version Upgrade V8.2' link

Finally click the link next to your required download type, after some EULA acceptance, your download should start

Thanks RSA, don't know why it's taken me so long to find it!!!

Paul Walker‌,


Thank you so much for your feedback and your post with steps to navigate to the 8.2 download.  We have heard from customers who are having issues navigating RSA Link and are listening to the feedback.


You will note that at the bottom of every page on RSA Link there is a Submit Feedback link.  We take those survey responses seriously and want to know what you love and hate about the new site.