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ADA-Compliant Authentication Tokens?



We are using RSA SecurID with the SID 700 hardware authentication tokens.  We were recently asked a question if RSA has any kind of authentication token that is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant?


Given that the SID 700 hardware tokens are small in size and have monochrome displays, there is merit to the question.  Therefore, does RSA have an authentication token product that is equipped with one or more of the following accommodations:


- A large display

- A colorful display

- Can "speak" aloud the currently-displayed passcode


Thank you in advance . . .

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RSA Software Token for Windows is screen reader compatible and working with my Windows 10 narrator, and reading the software token serial number, then the displayed code, over the speaker/headphones.





If I plug a SID800 USB token in, RSA Software Token for Windows and narrator will read it's serial number and displayed code as well.



Narrator does not (or I am unable to find out how) read the code from a connected SID800 from inside RSA Control Center

(RSA Control Center also can display a connected SID800 code).


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RSA SecurID hardware & software tokens, as well as the Authenticate mobile application, FIDO U2F tokens, & SMS-based one-time-passwords can be used by hearing-impaired users.  Visually impaired users have several options, as well.  The USB-based RSA SecurID “SID800” hardware token along with the Windows token can auto-populate the tokencode following PIN input in several popular agents, without requiring the user to be able to see the tokencode.  Several soft token options are also available.  For example, RSA SecurID Software Token 5.0.2 for Windows supports the use of screen readers for visually impaired users. RSA has tested the application with the JAWS for Windows Screen Reading Software. You can download JAWS from the Freedom Scientific web site. Once you install JAWS, no additional configuration is required to use the software with the SecurID desktop application.  Similarly, the RSA SecurID Token applications for iOS and Android, and the RSA SecurID Authenticate app for Windows 10 can be used with their built-in operating system’s text-to-speech feature.