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After update from RSA AM 8.7 P3 to P4 the RSA RADIUS Server Operations Console Service Stops with a FAILED State

NOTE - this was my Primary, and prompted a replica to get authentication up and running.

RSA AM is still down, and services will still not start, I did the workaround of deleting the ./server/servers/radiusoc/data/store/diagnostics/WLS_DIAGNOSTICS000000.DAT file, and no joy.

This is rhe result

Starting RSA Administration Server with Operations Console:
Starting RSA Database Server: ************
RSA Administration Server with Operations Console [RUNNING]
Starting RSA RADIUS Server Operations Console: | RSA Database Server [RUNNING] **********
RSA RADIUS Server Operations Console [FAILED]
Starting RSA Runtime Server: /

Created RSA Support case, no answer yet.

Does anyone know how to bring this RSA AM back to life. Also when it does finally come back up, the question is how do I demote it to replica and attach it to the new primary.


Dana Burton


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I see you opened a support case with us and are working with @IvanBatovic on your issue with the RADIUS Server Operations Console Service failing. I am posting some details of your issue because I think they can be useful to other members of the community.

In the case notes Ivan mentions that you patched your replica server to Authentication Manager 8.7 patch 3 before patching the primary, which is not recommended. Patching should always be primary first then your replicas, one at a time.  

During your conversation with Ivan it was decided to do a disaster recovery promotion of your replica in order to get your dev deployment running again. 

Ivan also suggested reviewing both the RadiusOCServerWrapper.log and the radiusoc.log files for details on why the service failed to start.

Ivan can keep working with you on this case, or if you are all set, please let him know so he can close it. Of course if you run into any issues when upgrading your production environment, just give us a call and we can open a new case for you.

Best regards,