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AMIS documentation

Hi, does someone know where to find official documentation for Authentication Manager Integration Service (AMIS)?  We're looking to upgrade our RSA Authentication Manager installation from 8.1.1 to 8.3, and we have AMIS deployed.  I want to ensure compatibility between AM 8.3 and AMIS (assuming that it's still used with AM 8.3), so I'd like to upgrade AMIS as needed, but so far I haven't found documentation stating how to do so.

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Please open a ticket with support. AMIS does support AM 8.3, although an update to the WAR files may be best.

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David Hettlinger‌,


To answer the question in your post, AMIS is compatible with Authentication Manager 8.3.


As for upgrading AMIS, such work is done by RSA Professional Services.  Your sales rep can discuss having PS upgrade your deployment of AMIS to the latest build.  PS can then schedule the work.  They can either do the upgrade via a remote session or come on-site to your offices.


I am happy to contact your sales rep and have them email or call you to get the conversation started.




All Prime/AM Prime customers with current maintenance contracts (CAS for AM Prime) are eligible for software updates by opening a ticket with Customer Support. For assistance or for PS assistance with installation and configuration, either let the support rep know so they can escalate the discussion to sales person or contact your account manager to initiate a Prime Health Check service offering (SKU available) or custom SOW depending on the level of effort. A simple AMIS WAR update for AM 8.3 from AM 8.x should not require PS intervention.