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API or SDK info for RSA Authentication Manager

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Hi support,

We are using RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 SP1 here, and we're looking to securely automate the addition of new authentication agents.


Do you have documentation available for an API or SDK that would help us achieve this?
I could not find any such documentation on this community site so far.


Thanks and best regards.

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Madani Adjali‌,


When trying to download software from RSA Link, the following message may appear:


Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here.


The reason you will see this message is if the software does not recognize you as an RSA customer or partner.  This can happen when registering for RSA Link, if the option for I am a customer or partner was not selected.


The fix for the error is simple, simply re-register for RSA Link using the same email address and place a check in the box this time.  You will be prompted to provide a serial number, site ID, or contract number to complete the registration process.



Hi Massimo / Madani,


Another reason you are getting an Unauthorized message when attempting to access the 8.6 downloads for C is because they were actually removed a couple of months ago and replaced with version 8.6.1 in which some identified issues were resolved.


You can access that download on the RSA SecurID Authentication Agent SDK 8.6 Downloads or directly here:  RSA SecurID Authentication Agent SDK 8.6.1 Download for C 




I have also just set up a redirect so that visiting the broken URL for version 8.6.0 now routes properly over to the 8.6.1 download.


If you continue to have issues accessing it then please let us know.




Hi Erica .


Same unathourised error also come to me while downloading.

Am trying API development but some authentication error getting.



Lavanya C


HI, the SDK is for Authentication and Provisioning process is the same API? or Are there two differents APIs one for Authentication only, and another for provisioning (create users, assign token, delete user, etc, etc, normal user, no admin users). 

If this are differents APIs, can you help me with the link for download it?

Best regard.