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Authentication Failed while Testing Token after importing Token in RSA Self Service Portal

Hi ,


I couldn't create a new case for my clarification in RSA, where it throws error as Single Sign On_i tried to register but no luck.


Actually i wanted to know about the Authentication Failed error reason which pops after trying to Test your Token using Pin followed by Passcode in the RSA Self Service portal after scanning the QR Code and replacing a new One.


We received this error frequently and not sure of the reason. Need your help on this.

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Apprised Contributor

Did you look at the Real Time Authentication Monitor in the Security Console when the failure happened?


There might be a reason listed, such as failed to resolve UserID, Bad Pin Good Tokencode, User locked.  


If the agent is new, and has never successfully authenticated anyone, there will be no node secret - so have a look at this KB

000029015 - Using an IP address override to fix an initial authentication failures with RSA Authentication Manager when … 

Which is the trickiest problem to solve when the agent is new, but the problem is solely at the agent, the same user and token work everywhere else, Self Service console, other agents,..


NOTE: use two different browsers to have the Security Console up and the Self Service console up at the same time. They both use port 7004, and logging into both at the same time, using the same browser, is problematic.