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Authentication Manager 8.x log bug - it can be ignored.

11/22/2022 23:59 WARN 16006 Check license for feature System attempted to check the license for feature “amusercount” of “AM” “8.5” on instance  “”  Warning Unknown Warning trustedapp Trusted Application SystemDomain Internal Database ATTEMPT_WARN AM 8.5 amusercount

The error message above looks to be a bug, but it has been ignored for past 12 years so most of us can safely continue to ignore it.

The internal account 'trustedapp' is checking the active user limit. The bug is it does not put the instance name in the request Argument 3. That triggers the Warning that the call 'LicenseServiceImpl' fails.

Activity Key: Check license for feature
Description: System attempted to check the license for feature “amusercount” of “AM” “8.5” on instance “”
Administrator User ID: trustedapp
Instance Name:
Server Node IP:
Component Key:
Argument 3: N/A
Argument 4: amusercount

Exception: com.rsa.common.UnexpectedDataStoreException: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: No value specified for parameter 3.

parameter 1. = “AM”
parameter 2. = “8.5”
parameter 3. = "" but should be instance name,

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