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Authentication Manager OC connection issue

I cannot connect to Authentication Manager Operation Console using port 7072 via web GUI, but can connect to the Security Console on port 7004 via web GUI.  Any reasons why this would be, and how do I fix this?

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Apprised Contributor

Since the Security Console works, we can assume DNS name resolution is working, the next question is can your browser reach TCP port 7072 on the primary? 

If you edit the URL .for Security Console you will start with the correct name, then change ending to 


If you have not replaced your console certificates with certs signed by a Public CA or your own private CA, then you should get a Certificate warning.


If you do not have replacement console certificates then you should see this warning.

If you do not see the Cert warning, then it is very likely that TCP port 7072 is blocked between your PC and the Primary Server.

A Wireshark tcpdump network packet capture could show this in more detail.