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Authentication Manager Reports - Show User Account Creation Date?

In RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 when viewing a user profile, I see a field that shows the creation date for the account, called "Account Starts".  How would I create a report that shows this information per user account for all RSA users at my organization?

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Yes I cannot find that in any report myself.


There is an RFE for this: AM-30158

and I added information to that RFE that you are asking for this feature to be in a report.



It can be done with postgres query:


one example might be:


select loginuid, start_date from ims_principal_data ORDER by start_date DESC nulls first;




The nulls are: 1 and 2 are default system accounts, and 2-7 are temporary super admin accounts created from the ./rsautil restore-admin command.


Number 8 cfitz is an ldap user who only had a notation made in the notes field, which is enough to register a GIUD in the database and now cfitz is 'meaningful' and gets a start date. Cfitz never had an authenticator assigned 



NOTE: In the Security Console, any users in an external identity source 'who have not been touched yet', will have an account start date and time in the web gui of the time you view their information page (current time). An actual start date 'that sticks' occurs when you do some type of administration on that external user account.

Otherwise, for external users who have not been administered in any way, they won't have a start date in the database nor will they show up in the query above, as the internal database has no reason to store anything for an external user that is not 'meaningful' yet.