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Authentication with 'user' failed: no response from server (0) - F5 RADIUS

I'm setting up an access policy on an F5 Device that uses RADIUS to authenticate with SecurID. In the access policy logs it is reporting:


Authentication with 'user' failed: no response from server (0)


I'm not sure what to troubleshoot for this error, everything seems to be configured correctly. 

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Occasional Contributor

There are a lot of things that can cause this result and for that reason I suggest to open a ticket with RSA customer support.


If you want to do more digging on your own first, you could try opening a tcpdump from RSA server. That would let you know if RADIUS traffic is actually reaching the server and the source IP if so. That source IP must match the RADIUS client IP configured in RSA. Sometimes it can be tricky to know which IP on multi interface devices (like F5) is used for RADIUS traffic.