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Cannot activate token on iPhone

I have one single user out of 1,200+ who cannot import a QR code. She is using a brand new iPhone XR, the error says "unable to read QR code, please contact your administrator", which is me, and he's no help.


Are there any logs with more detail I can look at? Does anyone have any ideas on how to help her?

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Ed, since the error is related to scanning for the QR code, there is not much scope for log review on the RSA server side as there is no communication initiated yet.


As a workaround, would you be able to distribute the token for the end user and generate a CTKIP URL and email it to her to test.

My answers are based on the fact that you have Webtier setup in your environment.



We never set it up for URL method, can certainly look into that. Do you think a manually generated code would act any different?


I'm pretty sure there's something about that single device/phone, as I said we have many people using this daily and the majority are iPhones. I was sorta hoping the community might have seen this sort of thing and could indicate what is wrong with her device since RSA support doesn't support phones.

The workaround of using the CTKIP URL should definitely provide us the indication if its the phone that is causing the issue or otherwise.

The URL needs to be entered when the app is open and pasted into the text box.

The URL will start as com.rsa.securid://<Rest of information>



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Other things to look at:

  1. Can this phone read the QR code with a regular QR-reading app (that is, other than the RSA Token App)?  The RSA QR code is simply the encoded URL and a QR-reading app should decode and show the URL.
  2. Have you tried reading it from a different screen?
  3. Can another phone read the same QR from the same screen?