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Cannot publish change on SecurID Cloud Authentication Service

Dear all,

I have some issues with Cloud Authentication Service:

  • Cannot Publish Changes -> I tried to publish but it is still in “Changes Pending”
  • Cannot enable SSO and Radius services on identity router (embedded on AM).




Does anyone have any solutions on them?



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Frequent Contributor

Hi there - unfortunately, the SSO Portal and RADIUS are not available in the embedded Identity Router. The standalone IDR is required for those two components.

Secondly, the SSO Portal is now available in the Cloud natively. So you don't need the IDR for this feature unless you want full customisation of it. 

Finally, if you're still using AM (since you're using the embedded IDR), you can still use the in-build RADIUS server within AM and enjoy the benefits of Cloud-based modern MFA. This works fine and has the failover you're looking for. The only downside is that the users with the Cloud MFA App will need an AM-managed PIN defined.