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ClamAV virus definitions to RSA servers

We are setting up a server (separate from our RSA servers) to download ClamAV virus definitions. I've searched the documentation and read how to manually apply updates and how to automatically download them if you have internet access through the "sudo /usr/bin/freshclam" command. If your server doesn't have internet access, how do you configure RSA to download the virus definitions from an internal server. I will have all the firewall rules in place. Just need the syntax for the RSA servers. 

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That is the document on manually applying that I referenced. I read that document. What we are doing is having a separate server that the virus definitions will download to then RSA  servers will access that server for the definitions. I just need to know what files to edit on the RSA server and what to put so that it knows to get the virus definitions from that new server we are building.


If you are not going to have the RSA server directly update itself over the network, you need to update it manually per the method in the KB. We have no QA'd procedure to manipulate ClamAV and have it 'phone somewhere else' for it's updates that has been tested, vetted, and known not to interfere with or break future patches. 



That being said, it seems like a minor adjustment to have ClamAV use a local mirror



That's what we are setting up. But you're saying that would break future patches?




He is not saying it "will" break from future patches but instead that it "may" break since this is not a supported nor tested method.     When we create new updates we test for standard supported configurations and can not force what will happen to those who deviate from the norms.