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Customer Question: What is RSA's plan for new authentication methods?

We were talking with a customer recently and she asked, "What is your plan for other authentication methods in RSA Via Access? When are you adding more biometrics?"


I wanted to put the question out there for the community - we are always looking at ways to enhance Via Access and constantly evaluate biometric technologies that will meet our security requirements for inclusion as an authentication method.  So let us know - What would YOU like to see added to the product?

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Using the camera and the microphone on the phone two things come to mind

  • Something using the camera of the phone (facial recognition or that eye veins thing)
  • Voice recognition should be an option too.


Make all of this match-on-device so the biometric fingerprints are not send around or stored in the Via cloud.


Maybe it is possible to come up with a biometric authentication that uses the other sensors (e.g. accelerometers, orientation) of the device. Maybe signing your name in the air with the phone in your hand is a valid approach. It has been shown that hand writing characteristics are present even if users write with imaginary pens in the air.

We probably should deny all responsibility for all the damaged phones that are thrown around in the air by accident when doing this...

Maybe handwriting recognition on the touchscreen is also an option.