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Data fields available in Auth Manager Security Console reports

The attached spreadsheet charts all of the 186 data fields available in Security Console reports (as of 8.5 Patch 2), and which reports can track which data fields.  This can be useful  in three ways:

  • to find which report you need without browsing templates;
  • to identify whether or not the report you want exists; and
  • to find out which reports share common data fields that you could use to combine to make the report you want. 

The most commonly shared data fields are User ID (19), First Name/Last Name (tied at 16), Account Enabled/Email (tied at 14), Security Domain (11), and Identity Source/User Security Domain (tied at 10).

The report with the most data points is Authentication Activity, tied with Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) Activity at 37. These are followed by Administrator Activity and Object Life Cycle Activity(Non User / User Group), both with 31.  There are another 6 reports with 20 or more data points.

Also attached is a document describing how to use the MATCH function in Excel to combine two separate reports into one, provided that they share at least one common data point. 

Note that the List All Authentication Agent Records and List All Installed Agents reports did not exist prior to 8.3.

Also note that 8.6 introduces Distributed On as a data field in Distributed Token Requests, bringing the total to 187.


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