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do we need to have AM and IDR for SecurID hardware token for office 365 MFA

We have office 365 and wanted to use RSA securID 700 hardware tokens for MFA in Azure. We have procured only hardware token. My questions are

1. Do we need to have on prem RSA instance , like AM and IDR

2. Can we use cloud base RSA only for hardware token

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Hello Sandip kandelkar‌,


you will need to have both the Authentication Manager and the IDR for the above scenario, the Hardware tokens will get imported on the AM, O365 will be configured in the Cloud which would require the IDR and then you will need to integrate the AM with the Cloud Authentication Service through the IDR as indicated in the following link: Enable RSA SecurID Token Users to Access Resources Protected by the Cloud Authentication Service


Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Best Regards,

Ahmed Abouelnaga


Here is RSA Integration Guide for O365


Microsoft Office 365 - RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide 


The key point being: Authentication Manager alone, not supported. 




Here is a master list of all integration guides, so if you are looking for the capabilities,

some products are AM only, some are IDR/Cloud only, and most can be a combination

if you have Authentication Manager and Identity Router paired up:


RSA SecurID Access Third-Party Integrations Master List