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Enhancement Request/Suggestion

It would be absolutely amazing, if RSA could create an Apple Watch app to install and use the Authenticator from the iPhone Application. This would be a lot easier to see my token code on my Apple Watch instead of digging out my phone all the time, is this possible to do? Is there a benefit to the RSA Client base to implement a solution? The software token app is amazing, just this additional feature would help it stand out more. 

Also, there’s a 3rd party app called SoftToken which is a paid app for $1.99 on the Apple App Store, the Developer (David Southgate) is from the UK. I sure don’t want to have to use this app with the idea that this could be a security issue for my organization that I work for. So if RSA could provide some guidance on these 3rd party apps, or release an Apple Watch app for the trusted RSA company, that would be awesome.

Ok, end novel! 🙂  

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