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Error - The key deletion proof-of-ownership was missing or incorrect

8/19/2020 8:24 ERROR 26227 Agent Key Deletion Failed | An error was encountered processing a key deletion request from agent “SYSTEM”. Failure The key deletion proof-of-ownership was missing or incorrect. SYSTEM MESSAGEKEYMGR_INVALID_POO X.X.X.X | TCPAgent Name


AM 8.4 P12.

Consistently seeing this message on the system activity report.


What causes this error ??

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It has to do with agent API using TCP to authenticate. These are message keys that are created and destroyed. Possibly a bug in the agent you are using triggering this. In 2018 there was a bug in the C/C+ agent causing the keys to not be deleted in some setups. You should open a case about this, as there are several things to look at and might be too involved for this forum. TCP agent version, and how many are in use, and also database parameters regarding key lifetime and maximum keys.